Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer Wood

Erin’s Story


I have always had a heart to help. I initially went to college to pursue a career in music, but after taking my first marriage and family therapy class,  I was inspired to become a Christian counselor. After graduate school, I began working with youth at a state facility. I enjoyed the work but felt as though something was missing. Once licensed, I was mentored at a private practice in Dallas, Texas with a Heart-Focused therapy model that is rooted in Biblical truths. It was during this season of growing and learning that I believe I recognized my calling and felt my purpose as a counselor was firmly rooted. In 2010, I established Wood Christian Counseling, and since then, I have enjoyed working in a thriving full-time private practice. Over the last several years, I have also developed a heart to mentor and train other counselors. I desire to help them cultivate sound and mature skills that provide real, lasting change, and hope for our clients.

I was raised traveling the world and volunteering. When I was 15 years old I knew I wanted to be a counselor and help others. While I was in college I fell in love with the social work field and it’s helping prospectives. Longing to understand life’s purpose I came to know the Lord. I completed a master’s degree in social work and gained experience in my field by working with children and families in foster care/ adoption, schools, and children’s health care. After taking a break from work to have my children, I met Jennifer, and began counseling at her office. I have found that what has helped my clients through the years is a group of very eclectic tools that are practical and hands on. I strongly believe in individualized whole health treatment that emphasizes connection. I have a sincere appreciation and proactive focus on research and education which has driven me to seek out specialized trainings to create doctor and community connections within our office.

Bridging The Story

Our story together begins in early 2014. Our professional relationship as well as our friendship and mutual respect for one another continues to thrive and flourish. Through the years, we have discovered how our giftings and strengths compliment one another. We believe our life experiences have been brought together to tell a story. Our story has been sovereignly engineered and rooted for a strong and sound purpose. We desire to bridge a heart-focused therapy approach with a hand's on practical way of helping our clients. We decided to join together to expand our Christian counseling practice to also include whole health. Our name, The Bridge Therapeutic Services, was inspired to reflect our strengths in Biblical counseling and our understanding of whole health treatment, by bridging these 2 therapeutic services together.