Here at The Bridge we help children, adolescents, and adults by providing individual and family counseling as well as specialized programs, group counseling, and whole health services.


Our Specialized Programs

Non-Epileptic Seizure

Learning to have control over stress induced seizures.

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Premarital Enrichment

Discovering your-self and your partners differences and how it will affect your marriage in the future.


Pregnancy and Postpartum

Receiving help and support for pregnancy / postpartum anxiety and depression.


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Our Groups

Non-Epileptic Seizure

A support group for our non-epileptic seizure clients.


A support group for those who care for loved ones with chronic medical or mental health needs.

Teen girls

Mentoring and teaching self-compassion, grace, and encouraging connection during the teen years.


Sexual assault

An educational and support group for those that desire a safe place for hope and healing.


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Our Whole Health Services

Research shows that our bodies hold on to stress and trauma that we experience. Here at The Bridge it is our desire to help those who are suffering so they may live a more hopeful, connected, and peaceful life. The Bridge offers the following to help release stress and trauma.

Therapeutic Massage

Trauma sensitive and relaxation based massage to help calm the body.

Trauma sensitive Restorative Yoga

Assisting those who have experienced stress or trauma to have deeper physical, emotional, and mental relaxation.


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