Heart- Focused Christian Counseling 

What is Heart- Focused Christian Counseling?

Heart-Focused Christian Counseling at The Bridge means bringing purpose and hope to the lives of our clients. We believe if a person has purpose in the midst of their struggles, then they have hope, and having hope is having everything. As counselors, we desire to sojourn with our clients through their seasons in life by offering them a sound perspective that will encourage, sustain, and align them with The Truth. Heart-Focused Therapy aims to promote reconciliation for our clients within their relationships with others and with God through Jesus. This Biblically based therapy helps our clients by getting to the root of the problem to show where our hearts must change and grow. Our Christian counseling is provided within the framework of a trusting relationship between the therapist and client. We believe that God’s sovereign goodness not only overcomes our pain and suffering, but that it has been purposed for our good and God’s glory.

Whole Health Purposed

What is Whole Health?

Whole Health at The Bridge means the integration of behavioral health (mind) with primary health care (body) to address the needs of our clients, families, and communities. By collaborating within our office and with community professionals we are able to enhance our client’s care by helping the whole person. We have created a community within our office to help and heal through connection. Our care is focused both on intervention for illness and prevention for wellness by putting our clients at the center of treatment. The overwhelming majority of all illness is stress induced. We believe that a healthy calm lifestyle along with connection helps and prevents illness while optimizing a person’s well being. We see behavior as a symptom telling us what the root problem is. Calming strategies, sensory integration, and mindfulness help our clients connect. We aim to be research and education based while understanding the structure and function of the nervous system and brain in our treatment.

Connection Heals

What do we mean by connection?

Connection at The Bridge means intentionally connecting with God, ourselves, and others. We are created by God to worship him and live a life connected to him. By having a Heart-Focused perspective in our relationship with God we become more rightly aligned with Him and therefore more connected with others and ourselves. God designed us to have a body, mind, and soul which are intricately and purposefully interwoven. By having a Whole Health perspective we understand that in times of difficulty we need help to reconnect. We are designed to live in relationship with our family, friends, and community. By having a connection perspective, which emphasizes God, ourselves, and others we are able to more fully bridge Heart-Focused Therapy and Whole Health together.